Barnstondale Centre

Barnstondale Centre source community defibrillator.

Barnstondale Centre source defibrillator for their local community.
Barnstondale Centre source defibrillator for their local community.
Storeton Lane, Barnston.
Child at Barnstondale Centre
Storeton Lane, Barnston.
Storeton Lane, Barnston.
Group of young people at Barnstondale Centre

Barnstondale Centre source defibrillator for their local community.   

Our local children’s charity on the Wirral has initiated and funded a defibrillator unit for their local community, with some funding support from the Wirral Together Fund.

Barnstondale is a children’s and young adults’ inclusive charity that delivers outdoor educational and fun residential experiences. Beyond their gates are a local footpath to The Dale, which is 15 acres of woodland that is regularly accessed by people in their community.

The site has two defibrillators on site to ensure visitors lives are saved in the event of a cardiac arrest, however both of their defibrillators are not accessible for people in their community out of hours or when no one is on site.

Mark Radcliffe, Operations Manager at the facility commented “Our defibrillator equipment internally ensures that we have access to this life-saving equipment immediately, should we ever need it. We want to ensure the same level of access is provided for anyone within our vicinity, we care about people and defibrillators save lives. This project will benefit the people in our community and anyone who is in the parameters of our woodland.”

It is sadly well documented that twelve fit and healthy young adults, aged 35 and under, die every week from undiagnosed cardiac conditions. Less than 1 in 10 people in the UK survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Providing access to this defibrillator could be lifesaving. For every minute that a person is in cardiac arrest, their chance of survival drops by 10%. A defibrillator is the only definitive treatment for someone who is suffering a cardiac arrest, which is why it is so important for this life-saving piece of equipment to be accessible to all.

Jon Muspratt, CEO at Barnstondale commented, “Part of the beauty of Barnstondale is its rural and natural setting. However, this poses some limitations if an emergency is to arise, both on our site or in our local community. With many residents and community groups using our site, we thought it beneficial to fund and place a defibrillator unit on our premises, for communal access. Thanks to our charity’s supporters and the Wirral Together Fund, this has been made possible. When you consider that a ‘defib’ can increase survival rates by as high as 70%, if used within the first 3 minutes of a cardia arrest, then this is an essential lifesaving piece of kit. We believe our site forms part of the social fabric of our community and can play an essential role in its health and wellbeing.”

Barnstondale’s Defibrillator is in their car park at this postcode CH61 1BX, which is accessible from the community footpath that leads up to the Dale on Storeton Lane, Barnston.  

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